Thursday, June 29, 2006

Learning Fatique

I am wondering if we are starting to experience learning fatique: Diane's post about being out of the office on travel and while sick; JP's post about caring for a family member and client demands; comments made at Monday's session; my own subliminal suggestion that I am feeling overwhelmed by the portion size of my "Dagwood Informl sandwich."

I suppose we all are continually prioritizing what must be done against what we would like to do. If that is the common condition, then how does one make time for informal learning? My bicycle does not have the same urgency and command of the bus! If I miss the bus, I'll be late for work and my boss will notice. If I don't get on my bike, it will just stay in the garage and collect dust.

Is there something about the modality of informal learning that would help keep the dust off my bike? Something beyond what we are now doing? Something that would provide even more flexibility as to when, where, and how I ride my bike?


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